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[Oct. 23, 2014] Berdymukhamedov went on adding that the construction of the fourth - D branch of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline is supposed to be accomplished in 2016.The China National Petroleum Corporation (CN...
[Oct. 22, 2014] The construction of the 4th branch (D) of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline is planned to be completed in 2016, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said Oct. 21.President Berdimuhamedov made...
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[Oct. 15, 2014] A contract on gas supplies to China on the eastern route came into effect on October 13 after the intergovernmental agreement was signed, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller said on Monday. “It’s today that the agreement on gas supplies, the agreement o
[Oct. 15, 2014] Russia has signed a series of deals with China to ease the effects of sanctions over the Ukraine crisis. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, the Russia-China agreements are seen as evidence of Moscow’s efforts to focus on the East. Russian President V
[Oct. 14, 2014] Russia has found a new export market in the world’s largest energy consumer, China. The nations had signed a natural gas supply deal in May and the recent approval by the government to PetroChina Co Ltd. ’s ( PTR ) parent company, China National Petroleum
[Oct. 13, 2014] Design and construction plans for the east route China-Russia natural gas pipeline have been approved, according to the China National Petroleum Corporation on Thursday.The China section of the pipeline originates in northeast China’s Heilongjiang provinc
[Oct. 13, 2014] Russia’s gas giant Gazprom is ready to look at possibilities of supplying pipeline gas to China as an alternative to the project Vladivostok LNG, Gazprom said on Friday after its CEO Alexei Miller’s visit to China.“Gazprom is ready to co
[Oct. 10, 2014] It is becoming increasingly evident that the world is awash in oil. Supply continues to increase because of record U.S. production and stable exports from the Middle East and Russia, while a slow economic recovery in the EU and increased use of LNG and re
[Oct. 10, 2014]  China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC) has received government approval for the design of the Chinese section of a giant pipeline that is due to ship $400 billion worth of Russian natural gas to China, the company said on Thursday.China and Russia sig
[Sept. 29, 2014] Ukrainian Sum NGO after M.V. Frunze JSC started sending sections of the process heaters for the Bagtiyarlik oil and gas complex in Turkmenistan, the company said.Shipment is carried out under the contract with the Petro Gas LLP Corporation (UK), which con
[Sept. 25, 2014]  The deal between Russia and China for importing some 38 billion cubic meters/year of natural gas through a pipeline connecting the two countries represents a key development not only for the two parties involved, but also for the role it will have i
[Sept. 24, 2014]   China imported 2.08 mt of pipeline gas in August, the second-largest monthly volume so far this year and up by 6.12% from a month ago, according to customs data sent to Interfax on Monday. Central Asian nations were the main pipeline supp
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